Homecare Payers 

Seamlessly Communicate with Your Entire Provider Network 

We bring a new level of oversight, visibility, and control to payers.

Roughly 10,000 people turn 65 every day, increasing the pool of patients managed by state and federal funding. With more patients choosing homecare services over traditional hospital or hospice care, payers need more oversight and management. HHAeXchange has helped numerous states and MCOs manage billions of dollars in Medicaid claims while achieving new levels of oversight, visibility, and control that haven’t previously existed in the marketplace. Our homecare payer software provides a window into the day-to-day activities and compliance of providers, helping payers quickly identify fraud, waste, and abuse while ensuring that the highest quality of care and services are delivered.


How We Help State Governments

Using our homecare payer solution, payers are dynamically linked to all of their network providers or MCO’s, creating a shared environment to effectively interact in real-time for increased operational efficiency.

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How We Help Managed Care Organizations

Our open-model platform lets MCOs leverage HHAeXchange’s industry-leading Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) capabilities and integrates with a wide-range of third-party EVV solutions.

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Our Payer Management Platform

Proactively manage your network with a platform designed for change. HHAeXchange’s homecare payer software bridges gaps and breaks down silos with real-time workflow efficiencies and full visibility into your network and patients

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