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Innovative Homecare Management Software Designed for Change

HHAeXchange seamlessly connects payers, providers, and caregivers in one easy-to-use platform.

HHAeXchange is the premiere homecare management software solution for the Medicaid LTSS population, including private-pay, consumer-directed, and self-directed programs. Our web-based platform allows for easy coordination and communication between payers and providers to improve patient care across the entire homecare ecosystem. 

By breaking down barriers to effective participant care in the home, HHAeXchange helps homecare agencies better manage their day-to-day activities and improve workflow efficiencies. On the payer side, we enable more connectivity and transparency than has ever been possible in homecare, helping state governments and MCOs improve patient outcomes, mitigate homecare fraud and abuse, and ensure optimal compliance.

We’re Making Homecare Management Easier for You


Reduce operational costs and grow your business with our easy-to-use interface and comprehensive scheduling and compliance tools designed specifically for Medicaid Managed Care, Consumer Directed, and Private Pay services.



Stay connected to your contracted network of homecare providers with one centralized homecare management solution. Our platform allows for dynamic, real-time communication on authorizations, case management, communication, billing, and more.



Make your life easier with multiple EVV options including Bluetooth, telephony, and FOB, that support several languages. Our intuitive caregiver mobile app also allows for simple caregiver clock-in, clock-out, and plan of care reporting.


State Governments

Actively manage MCOs and provider networks with our open platform to reduce homecare fraud, waste, and abuse, and help drive policy decisions with insight into the actual care being given.



Get one unified approach for your entire network and leverage our platform for referral and authorization management, EVV, pre-claim edits, and billing.


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