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TBA -- The keys to an efficient agency under CHC

Date: TBA

Audience: Homecare provider agencies in Pennsylvania

Title: The keys to an efficient agency under CHC

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December, 14 -- Common Wage & Hour Mistakes

Date: Tuesday, December 14, 2:00pm ET

Audience: Homecare provider agencies

Title: Common Wage & Hour Mistakes

Description: Wage and hour expert and attorney, Emina Poricanin, discusses the most common wage and hour mistakes and best practices to prevent reoccurrences in your agency.

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November, 14 -- What value-based care should mean for home care agencies

Date: Tuesday, November 14, 2:00pm ET

Audience:  Homecare provider agencies

Title: What value-based care should mean for home care agencies

Description: Value-based care is one of the hottest topics in home care, but what does it actually mean for home care agencies?

In this webinar, Tom Meyer, HHAX’s Chief Program Integrity Officer, will explain what agencies should be doing as MCOs begin assessing prospective network providers with a focus on their ability to drive value. This includes:

  • The right metrics to track and how to go about capturing them
  • What MCOs are under pressure for and how this will trickle down to agencies
  • How to be proactive about value and gain a leg up on competitors
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September, 21 -- Mostly Medicaid Special Topic: 21st Century Cures Act

Date: Thursday, September 21, 2:00pm ET

Audience:  Payers, Health Plans, and Providers

Title: Special Topic: 21st Century Cures Act

Description: The 21st Century Cures Act has far-reaching impacts on Medicaid Home Health. Come hear from the two leading organizations in the space and learn all you need to know to think through next steps for your home health strategy.

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August, 17 -- Golden Rules for Managing your Home Care Provider Population Risk

Date: Thursday, August 17, 2:00pm ET

Audience:  Payers and Health Plans

Title: Golden Rules for Managing your Home Care Provider Population Risk

Description: Home care services have the potential to reduce overall healthcare industry costs while simultaneously providing comfortable care for the most vulnerable of Americans. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Studies, home care spending for health, residential and personal care services reached $150.4 billion in 2014, just five percent of the $3 trillion national healthcare budget. But with more seniors preferring home care as they age, that number will grow. With it comes a massive network of home care providers that payers will need to manage within a capitated payment or by demonstrating value based care. Home care fraud, waste and abuse is high, and in many states that have moved to a managed care model, home care providers have pushed back on new requirements of them. Payers will therefore need to get creative to manage the risk associated with providing home care services as a benefit to their Medicaid members.
In this webcast, you will take away:

  • Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) legislation that is driving changes in home care
  • The Golden Rules for provider adoption statewide
  • Tips for increasing transparency and streamlining communication to improve quality outcomes
  • Home care innovations to consider for procurements
  • Home care performance metrics every payer should monitor
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June, 28 -- Active Management: The Keys to Reducing Risk for Medicaid Payers

Date: Wednesday, June 28, 3:00pm ET

Audience:  Payers and Health Plans

Title: Active Management: The Keys to Reducing Risk for Medicaid Payers

Description: The home care ecosystem is complex, and visibility into member care, accurate billing and more is difficult for Medicaid payers. Yet, the risk and vulnerability falls squarely on the shoulders of the payers. They are directly responsible for quality of care issues, claw back from plans, states or the federal government, loss of contracts, loss of members and more. This presentation will detail strategies for reducing risk for Medicaid payers by focusing on active management for better channels of visibility into their providers and members. This is much more than implementing an EVV solution, this is how to consistently and effectively communicate with key stakeholders in the home care ecosystem, to improve member care and drive efficiency improvements.

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April, 27 -- EVV is Mandatory: A Roadmap for Optimizing your Strategies

Date: Thursday, April 27, 2:0pm ET

Audience:  Payers and Health Plans

Title: EVV is Mandatory: A Roadmap for Optimizing your Strategies

Description: The 21st Century CURES Act enforces the use of electronic visits verification (EVV) to combat fraud and abuse in home care, however have you considered that the benefits of this mandate go beyond just tracking arrivals and departures?

Join HHAeXchange’s Chief Program Integrity Officer, Tom Meyer, in a webcast where he will outline the additional financial, operational and clinical benefits that can be gained from active oversight and management of verified home care visits.

Go beyond compliance and learn how your organization can optimize active management. The webcast will include:

• an overview of the bill including the funding match from the federal government
• the strategic position of EVV and what it enables
• specific concepts for optimizing EVV implementations
• a discussion of different models which have been pursued
• HHAeXchange’s recommended Golden Rules for EVV strategy
• What you can do to influence model adoption

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NY Wage and Hour Series for Providers

Join HHAeXchange with home care industry wage and hour attorney, Emina Poricanin to review the New York State Wage and Hour Laws in a 10-part series.

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I've been managing and submitting my claims via HHA eXchange and I have one word....fantastic! My billing time has been cut drastically. I better control my visits and employees, but work less at it. It is so much easier to stay in compliance with HHA eXchange… thanks Homecare Software Solutions!

Berey Weiss, Greater NY Homecare

Our experiences using the HHA eXchange program have been very positive. Their compliance toolset is excellent, and really gives us confidence that we are billing as near error-free as possible. It has greatly decreased unnecessary workload. It all just flows and is extremely user-friendly. My staff is extremely happy with it.

Susan Katz, Summit Home Health Care