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HHAeXchange has been a Verification Organization (VO) since the inception of OMIG New York’s mandate in 2012 and is one of just five VOs in the State. As an industry leader, we make it our responsibility to give agencies the tools and education they need to monitor themselves internally and confidently address potential issues before they slip through the cracks.

We’ll help you build a compliance plan that works.

Every homecare agency needs an effective compliance plan in order to operate efficiently. Since healthcare compliance covers a wide range of areas (exclusion screening, conflict reports, internal and audits, billing and authorizations practices, privacy of patient information, and more), building that plan can be tough!

Having a team like HHAeXchange on your side makes it easier. We have a team of seasoned experts that constantly stay up-to-date on regulatory requirements and compliance laws. We’ll work with you to identify gaps in your compliance process and build a plan that enables you to grow and comply with federal and state laws.

We’ve got your back.

HHAeXchange offers ongoing feedback to providers and payers throughout the auditing process. Our qualified compliance team will identify focus areas prior to scheduled assessments for optimal efficiency.


Audits with HHAeXchange Include:

Kickoff Call • Self-Audit Tools • Policies and Procedures Training
Onsite Audit • Ongoing Compliance • Monitoring and Support


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