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Q&A: EVV in 2021 – What’s Working, What’s Not, and What’s Ahead

Since the passage of the Cures Act in 2016, the entire healthcare industry has been gearing up to comply with the EVV mandate. However, for most states, full EVV compliance has just begun. Three industry veterans discuss the status of EVV in 2021 and how payers and providers can shift from an implementation mindset to one of continuous improvement.

Value-Based Care Library

To help managed care organizations adapt to value-based care, coordinate care, and get their provider networks on board, HHAeXchange’s team of professionals built a virtual library. Our Value-Based Care Library is stocked with helpful resources, such as: [eBook]: The Shift to Value-Based Care [eBook]: Five Steps to Leveraging the Power of Homecare Data in Value-Based… Read more »

Five Steps to Leveraging the Power of Homecare Data in Value-Based Care

Five Steps to Leveraging the Power of Homecare Data in Value-Based Care Over the years, homecare has continued to gain prominence as an important part of the continuum of care as more individuals are choosing to age in place. Now, with the shift to value-based care, homecare offers one of the biggest opportunities to directly… Read more »

The Shift to Value-Based Care

The Shift to Value-Based Care Healthcare is undergoing significant transformation. Value-based care is driving major change in the industry, healthcare reimbursement models are in a state of flux, and regulatory pressures and penalties are putting a strain on revenues. While healthcare as a whole is experiencing this transformation, the homecare industry is uniquely positioned to… Read more »

Caregiver Management Kit

Caregiver Management Kit From recruiting and retaining qualified staff to dealing with burnout, homecare providers are facing a variety of challenges that may prevent their agency from working effectively. To help you grow your business and empower your aides, HHAeXchange created a comprehensive Caregiver Management Kit. In this kit, you’ll find: An Agency’s Guide to… Read more »

COVID-19 Agency Toolkit

COVID-19 Agency Toolkit  COVID-19 continues to challenge our industry in unimaginable ways, yet homecare providers show no signs of backing down. Your strength and resilience in battling this pandemic inspire us, and we’re committed to doing our part to help you. Our COVID-19 Agency Toolkit is packed with resources your agency can use to combat… Read more »