State of the Industry: Managing Homecare in a New Business Climate

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  • January 3, 2018
HomeCare Magazine:

Featuring Scott Schwartz

Kaleidoscope pieces in motion

“We’re in the throes of transition, and the kaleidoscope pieces are in motion,” says Laura Adams.

Adams specializes in using information technology in large-scale collaborative settings, for improving the quality, safety and value of health care. She leads the Rhode Island Quality Institute and adds to her kaleidoscope comparison: “History will look upon this era in health care as one of enormous challenge, but also one of stunning progress at exponential speed.”

Asked about how different parts of the system play into new payment models, Adams says, “How can homecare lead? Health care is understanding more.”

From the back office to the front of the house and face to face with patients—homecare is a tall order. The industry builds its agenda from the data: aging-in-place baby boomers and people managing disabilities from birth through life; post-acute care wellness, safety and prevention goals; regulation and compliance requirements; and the impact of a growing managed-care culture.

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