SPS Community Solutions

Medicaid consulting services that help home care agencies increase revenue while focusing on providing patient care.

SPS Community Solutions offers a full suite of Medicaid related services. Our MLTC/MLTSS expertise is an invaluable resource to both patients and providers and guarantees industry-leading success rates. 

SPS Community Solutions services both the Payer and the Provider.

Provider Solutions:

  • Our eligibility screening process ensures that only qualified applicants start care.
  • Our streamlined referral web portal integrates seamlessly with all Payers. 

Payer Solutions:

  • Using our services allows the Payer to onboard new patients quickly and effectively. 
  • Our recertification program ensures no existing members unexpectedly lose Medicaid coverage. 

Our Company:

SPS Community Solutions is the industry standard in Medicaid consulting services. We bring experience and knowledge to home care agencies and health plans, allowing them to increase revenue while focusing on growth and patient care. We handle the entire Medicaid process from initial referral through approval, ensuring short pending periods and a hassle-free process.

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