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An Enterprise Solution Built for Medicaid and Private Duty Agencies

HHAeXchange Enterprise, our solution for Medicaid managed care and private duty home care management, is designed specifically for agencies seeking dependable and easy-to-use tools that allow your business to run smoothly, while providing a transparent view of your operations. Whether you manage one location or a network crossing multiple states, HHAeXchange Enterprise will help you improve operations, reduce costs and better manage service delivery.

Reap the Benefits of:

  • Program compliance management focused on state compliance and regulatory policies;
  • A scheduling engine that automates routine and time consuming mundane tasks;
  • A solution that automatically ensures that your staff is fully current and qualified for each program’s requirements;
  • Real time notifications if a caregiver is not present for a visit;
  • Robust business intelligence and reporting that can recognize patterns of chronic lateness; and
  • A billing system that is fast, accurate and simple to use.

Increase Revenue

  • Authorization management ensures you get paid for your services
  • Billing audits that reduces/eliminates rejected claims
  • Smart Map that simplifies case staffing
  • EDI billing and A/R management that reduces days out on your receivables

Reduce Costs

  • Overtime Auditor manages hours & productivity
  • Caseload Management minimizes field staffing requirements
  • Integrated telephony makes most field staff paperless

Improve Care and Compliance

  • Manage workflow for every program
  • Built-in assessments, care plans and visit notes
  • Document care plan compliance
  • Advanced program reporting tracks
A Solution With Full Visibility Throughout Your Organization

Developed for Medicaid managed care and private duty home care management, HHAeXchange Enterprise is designed to provide a transparent view of your operations throughout your entire organization. For agencies seeking dependable and easy-to-use tools that allow you to manage all your locations and business units independently, while affording you the ability to roll up and consolidate data for aggregate reporting and analytics, HHAeXchange is the ideal solution.

Reap the Benefits of:

  • Independent unit configuration – Set up each office with its own contracts and business rules.
  • Local level reporting – Measure metrics at the local level.
  • Segregated performance measurements & indicators.
  • Aggregate reporting – Consolidate data from multiple locations to compare performance.

Improve Branch Office Management

  • Customize business rules to match each local program.
  • Branch to branch performance comparisons.
  • Report cards that compare staff and services at each location against Enterprise benchmarks.

Control Costs Across the Enterprise

  • Caseload management minimizes field staffing overloads and overtime.
  • Paperless staff models dramatically lower costs.
  • Instantly identify underperforming branch metrics.

Improve Care and Compliance

  • Manage workflow for every program.
  • Built-in assessments, care plans and visit notes.
  • Document care plan compliance.
  • Advanced program reporting analytics.
Our cloud-based solution seamlessly integrates with every aspect of your organization, offering at your fingertips:

Referral Management


Streamline communications and coordination between Medicaid and private duty referral sources, including: insurance companies, managed care organizations and state/federal payers.

Communicate directly with your referral and payer sources with our revolutionary home care payer management solution, HHAeXchange Professional.

Time and Attendance

agency-clockTime and Attendance

HHAeXchange’s state of the art time and attendance system ensures that agencies bill and pay only for the services that are delivered. This is confirmed via telephony or electronic visit verification (EVV) that reconciles the duties recorded from the point of care to clients’ plans of care (POC).

HHAeXchange’s EVV is fully integrated with the system’s internal scheduling, billing and payroll functions. Caregivers are able to record duties performed, while start and end times and location of service delivery are recorded automatically, resulting in verified “electronic duty sheets.”

A multi-lingual solution, HHAeXchange can communicate with Caregivers in any language, and offers other critical functions such as an automated verification “audit” call feature providing an additional layer of visit compliance.

An approved EVV vendor in multiple states, HHAeXchange is able to:

  • Capture ‘clock ins’, ‘clock outs’, and caregiver tasks as they happen;
  • Receive real-time alerts of visits not started, ended or compliant, via email and within the system;
  • Automatically verify and “audit” calls made during shifts, eliminating the need for random phone checks performed manually by your staff;
  • Schedule your caregivers based on availability, location, preferences and special requests;
  • Empower on-call weekend staff via the automated staff messaging function;
  • Access easy to run reports displaying caregiver call compliance trends and other necessary analytics;
  • Enjoy the convenience of your electronic call data fully integrated in a single, comprehensive and easy to use system.

Human Resources

Human Resources


Combining compliance at the visit and caregiver levels with effective human resource management improves trust in your employees, ensures worry free audits, and results in a higher quality of care. HHAeXchange provides some of the best human resources tools available to the home care market combined with industry leading compliance functionality.

With our Human Resources Module, you will be able to:

  • Track caregiver requirements such as training, upload of certifications, track criminal background checks, medicals, evaluations and I-9 forms;
  • Be notified before caregivers fall out of compliance;
  • Manage your staff’s in-services training, including reminders for caregivers, missing in-services, and tracking continuing education;
  • Keep an up-to-date profile on each employee’s demographics, emergency contacts, history, and notes;
  • Ensure visit compliance with our comprehensive ‘Pre-billing’ feature routinely checking;
  • Maintain a full audit trail of visit information, including validated times and duties performed, without any additional effort;
  • Sleep easy with privacy protection thanks to thorough system-wide HIPAA compliance measures;
  • Understand the sources delivering your best employees, and run periodic analytics for future hiring.

Scheduling and Coordination


HHAeXchange’s Scheduling Engine enables agencies to create and manage patient schedules based on prior authorizations and special client requests, while validating each visit to eliminate complications at billing.

With our Scheduling module, you will:

  • Use “Masterweeks” that automatically creates schedules based on the Authorizations and Plans of Care. This powerful feature minimizes scheduling tasks and helps create a model of management by exception.
  • Remove the stress of learning a new scheduling system with our intuitive navigation of client calendars that includes scheduled time, billing status and pay rates.
  • Create a client template week once, then have it auto-update and populate the client’s calendar throughout the duration of the entire plan of care.
  • Be alerted to potential shift overlaps, overtime pay, vacation conflicts and caregiver medicals due – all at the time of scheduling.
  • Schedule caregivers according to the best fit – based on availability, location, preferences and special requests. The system will prioritize caregivers, avoiding scheduler bias and allowing you to minimize overtime.
  • Simplify management of new referrals with our innovative Referral Management module.
  • Minimize avoidable errors – HHAeXchange will not allow you for example, to schedule a Personal Care Aide if only an Home Health Aide was authorized;
  • Accommodate special requests – Ensure the most appropriate caregivers are matched properly to your clients’ unique requirements, for example: language, pets, dietary, and gender preferences.
  • Stop assigning rejected caregivers to the same patient.
  • Conveniently view caregivers and patients geographically – Our innovative Smart Maps feature significantly improves your planning, coordination and marketing initiatives.

Reports & Business Intelligence

agency-reportReports and Business Intelligence

Log into HHAeXchange every day and view your Dashboard, a personalized snapshot of your agency’s performance. Take your reporting further with our broad range of customizable reports that meet your regulatory and business requirements, and that are tailored to the file format of your choosing.

Our Business Intelligence and Reporting includes:

  • The option of choosing from over 200 reports, addressing profitability, Accounts Receivable trends, caregiver performance, Plan of Care adherence, and much more.
  • The ability to automate the delivery of customized reports to your Inbox based on the schedule of your choosing.
  • Instantly view your agency’s performance with extensive management reporting capabilities and our customizable Dashboard feature.
  • Automatically generate regulatory compliance reports, making responding to audit requests a simple and efficient process.

Our Dashboard configuration tool includes gadgets for:

Visit Trends
Census Trends
Time and Attendance
Scheduled Visits
Aging Accounts Receivable
Cash to Bank
Weekly Health Indicator
  • Sales by Source

E-Billing and E-remittances

agency-revenuecycleE-Billing and E-Remittance

The Referral Management Module streamlines communication and coordination between home care agencies and their referral sources, including insurance companies, managed care organizations, and certified Medicare providers.

logo-AmericareCase Study:
Americare Certified Special Services, Inc. and HHAeXchange Solutions

Americare Certified Special Services, Inc. provides quality home care to the behaviorally and developmentally disabled. In addition to geriatric services, Americare also delivers Special Needs, Mental Health and Concierge Services.

 Americare chose HHAeXchange to fix:

  • The inability to effectively manage care givers
  • A lack of communication, visibility, and management of referrals, authorization and billing
  • A solution not optimally designed for home care
  • An interface that was dated and not user friendly
  • A failure to take into account specific user access based on roles or titles
  • Hard-coded and inflexible business intelligence tools
  • Scheduling that was not automated
  • An inability to effectively manage accounts receivable

HHAeXchange introduced its comprehensive Professional solution to manage services across the continuum of care, adapt to Americare’s workflows, and ultimately increase efficiencies without sacrificing high quality client care.

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Did You Know?


HHAeXchange is an approved Verifying Organizations (VO) for the Office of Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG) in New York State. When Medicaid reimburses an agency over $15 million per year, that agency must have an approved VO auditing their visits. HHAeXchange is one of only a few such qualified organizations.

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I've been managing and submitting my claims via HHA eXchange and I have one word....fantastic! My billing time has been cut drastically. I better control my visits and employees, but work less at it. It is so much easier to stay in compliance with HHA eXchange… thanks Homecare Software Solutions!

Greater NY Homecare

Our experiences using the HHA eXchange program have been very positive. Their compliance toolset is excellent, and really gives us confidence that we are billing as near error-free as possible. It has greatly decreased unnecessary workload. It all just flows and is extremely user-friendly. My staff is extremely happy with it.

Susan Katz, Summit Home Health Care

We looked at several systems and realized that HHAeXchange had what we needed for now and into the future.

Yelena Davydenko, Victor’s Home Care