We call it “training as a service” because we provide full access to our extensive training library and full client and caregiver support. 

Our video-based trainings are available in multiple languages and are easily accessible on a cell phone browser, making it super simple for non-tech savvy individuals. can reduce your in-service costs by up to 80% while increasing training completion rates to an average of 90%.

The platform features:

  • No tech savvy needed. We’re the only online training platform that delivers training by SMS text and can be completed via cell phone browser.
  • Full client and caregiver support. We take care of everything from delivering training directly to caregivers, compliance reporting, following up with caregivers to ensure maximum completion, and providing any necessary support.
  • Showdme’s trainings are video based and simple to understand whereas most other elearning platforms deliver training materials via powerpoint.
  • Two way integration with HHAeXchange.

Reasons to consider

  • We’re the first company ever to offer remote in-service training. 
  • We’re the only provider to offer full client and caregiver support.
  • Our clients average over 90% completion rate because our platform is so easy to use.
  • Caregiver satisfaction is 90%.

Our Company: has been doing online caregiver training since 2017. Our trainings are more efficient, convenient, and simple than on-site or live remote trainings which translates nearly immediately to the quality of patient care delivered. Over 90% of our users are satisfied with our training and service.

We take care of everything so staff can be trained quickly with no interruption to their patient days and our clients can stay compliant.




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