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Upcoming webinar: Are you 21st Century CURES Act compliant?

Upcoming webinar: Are you 21st Century CURES Act compliant?


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The 21st Century CURES Act enforces the use of electronic visit verification (EVV) to combat fraud, waste and abuse in home care, but that’s not all. The benefits can go well beyond simply tracking arrivals and departures and include financial, operational and clinical benefits organizations may want to consider.

There are only a few seats left for our webinar on Thursday titled “EVV is Mandatory: A Roadmap for Optimizing your Strategies.” During this free webinar, you’ll get a detailed look at everything Medicaid payers and State Medicaid organizations need to know about the mandate and how to optimize the active management of home care. The discussion will include:

  • An overview of the CURES Act, including the funding match from the federal government
  • The strategic position of EVV and what it enables
  • Specific concepts for optimizing EVV implementations
  • A pros and cons discussion of different models that have been pursued
  • HHAeXchange’s recommended Golden Rules for EVV strategy
  • What you can do to influence model adoption

What is the 21st Century CURES Act?

In December 2016, the Senate passed the first major health legislation in nearly a decade. The bill is intended to speed drug development and includes provisions mandating parity for mental and physical health care, setting up grants for coordinated specialty care and assertive community treatment. Most relevant to the home care industry, it will require states to implement EVV.

Home care providers will be implementing new EVV solutions over the next few months to track how care is delivered into the home, but what does it mean for your organization? How can Medicaid payers influence model adoption and ensure that providers are positioned to work with you more efficiently?

Actively managed home care

More than ever, active management of home care is critical to prevent fraud and waste in the system. The new EVV adoption mandate is the perfect opportunity for Medicaid payers to implement active management processes. In the age of modern technology, innovations like EVV, customer relationship management (CRM) tools and wearables are improving how organizations can gather in-home data, but there is still a disconnect between payers and providers that this technology doesn’t fill if it is not made interoperable.

The legislation creates new opportunity for the health care industry to continue its reform through improved communication, cooperation and collaboration. When caregivers have access to patient information and records, it validates provider care plans and billing, while assuring the payer that their patients are receiving proper care.

Our free webinar, “EVV is Mandatory: A Roadmap for Optimizing your Strategies,” is nearly full. Sign up today to go beyond compliance and learn how your organization can optimize active management.

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