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Extraordinary Women in Homecare: Donna McNamara, Unlimited Care, Inc.

Extraordinary Women in Homecare: Donna McNamara, Unlimited Care, Inc.


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There are more than 18 million health care workers in the United States; 80% of them are women, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

While women make up the vast majority of home health care workers, they are a minority in the C-Suite. Only 40% of the industry’s key decision-makers are female.

Homecare is a tough space to succeed in, and while org charts may not reflect it, this industry is loaded with strong, determined women doing incredibly meaningful work — they simply do not get the recognition they deserve!

Here at HHAeXchange, we would like to take one small step towards changing that. ‘Extraordinary Women in Homecare’ is a series of feature articles designed to celebrate women who bring strength, passion, and creativity to their roles in the home care industry.

For this edition, we spoke with Donna McNamara, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Unlimited Care. Established in 1975, Unlimited Care is a leading licensed home health care provider with 16 offices in New York. In this article, Donna tells us how she began her 35-year career in homecare, why she believes an open-door policy is key, and why she’s hopeful brighter days are ahead of us.

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