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The ultimate homecare provider software checklist

The ultimate homecare provider software checklist

ScottSchwartz - SVP, Provider Solutions , HHAeXchange

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You’re juggling the latest state and federal regulations, managing day-to-day operations and providing the best possible care to your members – it’s no secret that running a homecare agency is no easy feat. To help make running your business easier, we’ve outlined the ultimate homecare provider software checklist.

  • Simplify billing and payroll: Instead of spending time processing invoices and payroll manually, agencies should implement systems that can improve first-pass claims acceptance rates, resulting in fewer denials – and ensuring that you get paid faster. With an automated one-step invoicing system like the HHAeXchange Homecare Management Software, agencies can:
    • Better coordinate payments and manage split billing
    • Guarantee receipt of electronic remittances
    • Customize invoice templates based on payer
    • Accurately calculate payroll hours by caregiver
    • Improve communication with accounting packages and payroll companies
  • Optimize scheduling with integrated dashboards: With automated systems that simplify scheduling, provider agencies are better equipped to avoid scheduling issues and maximize each aide’s availability and preferences. Integrated dashboards allow providers to:
    • Minimize time spent driving to appointments by tightening an aide’s range and tapping the nearest aide to provide care
    • Avoid overtime
    • Manage caregiver certifications and member preferences
    • Ensure each member is receiving the right care, from the right person, at the right time
  • Increase referrals: Increasing referral revenue is the path to growth, and all homecare providers have it top-of-mind. Instead of managing referrals through traditional, manual means, providers would benefit from an integrated system that:
    • Streamlines the referral process
    • Allows for direct communication with the source, including insurance companies, managed care organizations, and states.
  • Ensure compliance: Keeping up with the ever-changing regulations and requirements in the homecare industry is a significant challenge. An agency management system addresses it by:
    • Keeping track of changing regulations and requirements
    • Alerting providers to any member who is no longer eligible for services
    • Notifying providers before caregivers fall out of compliance
    • Ensuring providers get paid for the services they provide
    • Maintaining a full audit trail of visit information, including validated times and duties performed
  • Implement an effective human resource management system: Human resources is another important business function that can often become difficult for small and large homecare agencies to manage manually. With an integrated HR solution, agencies can:
    • Track caregiver trainings, upload certifications and track criminal background checks, medicals, evaluations and I-9 forms
    • Manage staff’s in-services training, including reminders for caregivers, missing in-services and tracking continuing education
    • Keep an up-to-date profile on each employee’s demographics, emergency contacts, history and notes
    • Understand the sources delivering your best employees and run periodic analyses for future hiring

Running a homecare agency will always have challenges, but HHAeXchange can help you simplify. Learn more about the integrated HHAeXchange platform and how you can optimize your agency management systems.

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