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New survey data reveals State of Home Care surprises

New survey data reveals State of Home Care surprises


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The home care industry is complex. The American healthcare system is struggling to serve an aging population, a challenge that home care can help address. But with just five percent (150.4 million USD) of the 3 trillion USD national healthcare budget, home care players are struggling to keep up, let alone innovate.

We recently surveyed 250 individuals who were directly involved in the home care process, either through their own experience or a loved one’s. Our questions sought to identify the benefits and challenges associated with home care, and reveal the trajectory of the industry moving forward.

The survey was divided into three sections to better identify trends within the whole of the industry: the shifting home care paradigm, the home care experience and the future of home care. Our results revealed some surprising trends; a lack of communication among payers and providers; instances of fraud, waste and abuse; and an increasing role of technology in the industry.

Specifically, we found that:

  • Less than 30 percent (27.9) of respondents indicated that their home care provider showed up on time and stayed the hours they were expected to work 100 percent of the time.
  • Nearly two-thirds (66.5 percent) of respondents indicated that their home care provider didn’t always proactively address or seek care for potential medical issues or ailments.
  • Astoundingly, a full 12.6 percent of respondents cited personal experiences with fraud or abuse when receiving home care.
  • 7 percent said that technology will play a huge role in home care by monitoring providers to ensure they are billing the right hours.

For more information about the survey and its findings, check out the full report: The State of Home Care.

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