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The 3 Ws of HR Bill 2446: What Medicaid Payers Need to Know

The 3 Ws of HR Bill 2446: What Medicaid Payers Need to Know


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The U.S. House of Representatives has introduced bill H.R.2446 to require the use of electronic visit verification for personal care services furnished under the Medicaid program.


If passed, any State Medicaid Program that does not meet the requirements and is unable to verify the date of service, site of service, provider of service, and duration of service will be penalized.


Penalties for non-compliance are proposed to begin January 1, 2018.

HHAeXchange can help…

With built-in electronic visit verification, the award-winning Payer Management Solution, provides real-time visibility and audit trails into visit confirmation and caregiver / duty compliance. HHA’s solution is the only shared software platform that enables payers to link real-time to the entire network of home care providers to enhance care coordination, ensure compliance and streamline the billing process.

The solution does not replace your existing system but is easily integrated to provide the following benefits to the State:
Streamlined Referral / Case Placement and Acceptance
Efficient Care Coordination / Case Management
Reduced denials and associated claims processing expense
Increased payment integrity – reduced fraud and abuse
Reduced IT expenses

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