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HHAeXchange grows EVV options; partners with CM2000

New York, NY, January 5, 2015 – HHAeXchange announced today that they have partnered with Care Monitoring 2000 (CM2000), a leading international Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) provider for home care. The focus of CM2000 services is to enhance safety for patients and care workers, optimize operations, and ensure payer compliance. The focus of HHAeXchange is to provide a comprehensive platform to home care providers to support all aspects of their business.

“We are very excited to partner with CM2000, initially in the state of Texas as part of the new EVV mandate,” said Greg Strobel, HHAeXchange’s President. “Home care providers are beginning to see a shift towards needing a platform to manage the different elements of their business. The days of a single software solution for everything is waning. By tightly integrating with key strategic partners like CM2000, we can offer our clients best-of-breed solutions so they can deliver the highest quality of care in the most cost effective manner.”

Initially, the partnership complements HHAeXchange’s focus in the Texas market as CM2000 has been selected as a state approved vendor in conjunction with the new EVV mandate. The fully integrated CM2000-/ HHAeXchange solution offers Texas home care providers an option to adopt state-of-the-art solutions for EVV, Referral, Intake, Scheduling, Compliance, Billing, and Payroll.

“The timing of our integration with HHAeXchange couldn’t be better,” said Mary Maloney, CEO of CM2000 Americas. “As many states, such as Texas and Missouri, go down the road of mandating EVV to ensure worker safety, home care providers are actively seeking a well-designed back office solution like HHAeXchange. We believe that our current and future mutual clients will benefit from our relationship, especially with a vendor that excels in servicing Medicaid Managed Care, Medicaid Waiver and Private Duty lines of business around the nation.”

For more information about purchasing a HHAeXchange solution, please call 1 (855) 803-1400 or email For more information about CM2000, please call 1 (855) 209-2345 or email

About CM2000

Care Monitoring 2000 LLC (CM2000), based in Clearwater, FL, is the North American business unit for CM2000, a leading global provider of electronic visit verification (EVV) solutions designed to safeguard patients and care workers, streamline operations, and ensure payer compliance within the homecare industry For more information, visit

Kaitlin Olcott, Associate Director of Marketing

(718) 964-6040



About HHAeXchange

HHAeXchange is the premiere homecare management software solution for the Medicaid LTSS population. We act as the single source of truth in connecting payers, providers, and patients through our intuitive web-based platform, enabling unparalleled communication, transparency, and visibility. 

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