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Improve Communication and Case Coordination

Our payer management platform helps solve difficult case coordination challenges

Most payers lack real-time visibility into visits, service delivery, and patient schedules, leading to ineffective communication and home health case coordination challenges. Moreover, case coordinators must spend increasing amounts of time placing difficult to staff cases or communicating authorization and plan of care changes.

HHAeXchange’s web-based platform dynamically links payers and providers, helping payers increase provider satisfaction and ensure better patient care. With all communication housed directly in HHAeXchange, payers can more easily coordinate claims and authorizations and get a comprehensive view of all interactions. For example, using HHAeXchange’s auto-broadcast tool, payers can instantly reach their entire provider network or filter providers to only contact those who meet the specific needs of a case.

Enabling Real-Time Visibility

With a direct connection to providers through HHAeXchange, payers can monitor real-time service delivery, access member schedules, and see a time stamped trail of communications with providers. Additionally, payers can access the most up-to-date views and reports on caregiver compliance across their provider network.

Securely and seamlessly manage your network of supplemental service providers 

Many providers of supplemental services do not have secure systems for efficient engagement with payers. Examples of supplemental services may include home modifications, such as wheelchair ramps; meals; carpet cleaning; non-medical transport; equipment, such as lifts; socialization like Boys & Girls Clubs; employment services, and other services important to the health of your members. 

Supplemental Services Management from HHAeXchange securely connects payers with their providers of non-clinical, but essential, homecare and supplementary services.  

Key Benefits of Supplemental Services Management from HHAeXchange: 

Secure, efficient communication 

Management of authorizations for Supplemental Services 

Safeguarded, accurate billing 

Standardized claims and reimbursement processing 

Streamlined oversight of supplemental services through business intelligence 

Valuable member insights on existing programs 

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