Mobile Case Broadcasting

Fill Open or Difficult to Staff Shifts in Minutes

HHAeXchange simplifies staffing by giving agencies the power to broadcast open cases to caregivers in real-time.

Coordinators can immediately broadcast single shift cases or permanent shifts to all available caregivers or a select group of caregivers who match the patient’s needs and case criteria.

The open broadcast notifies available caregivers in the HHAeXchange mobile app or the Caregiver Portal, where they can request or reject these broadcasted shifts via simple and easy-to-understand “thumbs up, thumbs down” icons.

Coordinators can then assign the open shift to any caregiver who has requested the case. Once a case is assigned, the chosen caregiver is immediately notified via the mobile app.

Key Benefits

Simplify Scheduling

Instead of individually calling or emailing aides one by one or relying on excel spreadsheets or documents, eliminate scheduling waste and get more time back in your day by broadcasting open cases with a click of a button.

Instant Case Management

HHAeXchange’s real-time communication and alerting reduces administrative time spent on scheduling and confirming visits, while allowing caregivers to be aware of the latest updates or changes to their schedules.

Better Patient Matching

Select from dozens of different scheduling requirements or case preferences, including skill, language, gender, location, and more, to ensure cases are properly staffed for the highest patient satisfaction.

Streamlined EVV

Using the HHAeXchange Mobile App, caregivers can easily clock-in and clock-out, confirm their location, and check off services performed for improved patient care and EVV compliance.

Ensure Caregiver Satisfaction

Caregivers can take on more cases, fill in open gaps in their schedules, and make extra income with open shift notifications in the HHAeXchange Mobile App or the Caregiver Portal.

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