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HHAeXchange is the premiere Homecare Management Software company for the Medicaid LTSS population. We are the leaders in connecting state agencies, managed care payers and homecare providers to enable more collaboration, communication, and workflow efficiencies. Through the use of the HHAeXchange Portal our goal is to make working with the Minnesota Department of Human Services (MN DHS) easy and efficient. 

Electronic Visit Verification Solution for the Minnesota Department of Human Services

The Minnesota Department of Human Services (MN DHS) has partnered with HHAeXchange to provide a free Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system for providers of personal care services and home health services. HHAeXchange features tools for scheduling, authorization management, communication for Personal Care Services and Home Health Services. HHAeXchange also offers tools and features to support the unique workflows of self-direction.

The HHAeXchange solution will focus on collecting and reporting EVV compliant data for all personal care services (PCS) and Financial Management Services (FMS) for Minnesota DHS. As part of the Minnesota DHS EVV program initiative, we will need to gather more information from your provider agency.

The first step will be to fill out the Provider Enrollment Form listed below as you are identifying yourself as a Minnesota DHS provider. If you provide both Personal Care Services and Financial Management Services, please fill out both surveys.

Selecting an EVV solution that fits your provider agency

This questionnaire is designed to capture information about your provider agency necessary for Minnesota DHS along with HHAeXchange as part of the effort to implement methods of collecting and reporting EVV compliant data for all personal care services related to Minnesota DHS. Below you will find more information on each method of EVV data collection.

Your provider agency plays a vital role in the success of our EVV program.  As part of your participation with Minnesota DHS, you have multiple options provided to you to ensure EVV compliance:

  • Option 1 – Agencies currently without an EVV Solution: You can be set up to use Free EVV tools from HHAeXchange for Homecare services.
  • Option 2 – Agencies currently using another 3rd Party EVV Solution: You can use your existing EVV system and import visit data into HHAeXchange using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Please contact EDISupport@hhaexchange.com to begin your integration.

Important Dates

Go-Live date for Financial Management Services: June 20, 2022

Go-Live date for Personal Care Services: Delayed

  • The Implementation date for personal care service provider of 12/1/2021 is no longer the go-live date. We are working with MN DHS to revise the go-live date and will update this page when a date is known.

Go-Live date for Home Health Services: Before the Jan. 1, 2023, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services deadline for home health services

HHAeXchange is offered at no cost to the providers. However, we understand that providers may need to expend time and resources to implement a change this large in order to achieve compliance in partnership and cooperation with MN DHS. Here is a look at some of the benefits you will get if you choose the HHAeXchange Portal as your EVV solution.


  • Participant Management for the MN DHS Program
  • Mobile Application in Multiple Languages
  • Telephony Lines in English and Spanish
  • EVV options focused on self-direction
  • Clock-In / Clock-Out Exception Dashboard
  • Submission / Aggregation of EVV Data to MN DHS 


  • Master Week Scheduling
  • Case & Scheduling Coordination
  • Plan of Care Management


  • Minnesota Statutes 256B.073 Compliance
  • Plan of Care Adherence
  • Visit Confirmation Compliance
  • Visit reporting

Purpose-Built for Self-Direction

  • Participant or employer review and approval of time worked
  • Workflows to support self-directing participants and FMS entities
  • Integrate easily with FMS tools
Provider System User Training will be provided via the HHAeXchange Learning Management System (LMS) along with webinars. Providers will have the options listed below to complete their training to understand the use of the HHAeXchange Provider Portal along with its functionalities. Please keep in mind both options are available to the provider for training and can be leveraged to complete the training.


More Information will be coming soon

HHAeXchange Overview (applicable to ALL providers):

Information Sessions are being held for all providers to provide them with key dates and details about the implementation, including key workflow changes, system benefits, and next steps. Please refer to the links below to access videos and presentations from the Provider Info Sessions, held via webinar in October 2021.

Personal Care Services (Agency) Information Sessions

Financial Management Services Information Sessions

Importing Caregivers into HHAeXchange

(Note: This is not required for agencies using an EDI Import file to integrate with their 3rd Party Agency Management System) To assist organizations with a large census of Caregivers, HHAeXchange has created a Caregiver Bulk Import tool to expedite the entry process. Please CLICK HERE to access the Caregiver Bulk Import Process Guide, which provides instructions for how to:

  • Access and Save the Caregiver Import Template
  • Prepare the Caregiver import File for your Agency
  • Send the file to HHAeXchange (EDISupport@hhaexchange.com) for File Processing

EDI Overview (Integrating with a 3rd Party Agency Management System)

Thank you for your participation in working with HHAeXchange on the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) project for your agency. Note, this process applies specifically for providers that chose option 2, found on the “Overview” tab above. Below you will find information about the general requirements and steps to successfully integrate your 3rd Agency Management System with HHAeXchange. EDI Providers will be required to comply with both the business requirements and technical specifications listed below. Upon review of the documents below, please initiate contact with HHAX to begin the integration process Initial steps EDI providers should follow:

Please review and follow the steps below, (these steps are also found on the HHAeXchange Provider EDI Welcome Packet):

EDI (Integrating Providers) Information Webinar:

Click here to review the detailed FAQ document in regard to the Minnesota Implementation which will provide you with more insight on the program, patient placement, billing, EVV, Communications, as well as EDI and other functionalities.
Here’s a look at some of the benefits you’ll get from the HHAeXchange Portal:

Ease of billing

  • Quickly enter confirmed visits in a user-friendly interface.
  • Increase billing acceptance rates with realtime pre-claim edit checks.

Efficient communication

  • Reduce payer communication time with realtime, two-way messaging.
  • Increase census by accepting new cases via the broadcasting module.
  • Access real-time authorization and notification of changes to the care plan (increase or decrease of units, change of service code, etc…).

Free tools

  • Free scheduling module to manage schedules online in real-time.
  • Free EVV solution to electronically track time and attendance.
  • Free interface with your agency management system.

EVV Service Codes – Personal Care

Service name HCPC
CDCS Personal Assistance, Decremental T2028-U1
CDCS Personal Assistance, Decremental T2028
Consumer Support Grant, Decremental T2025
Crisis Respite, 15 Minutes T1005
Crisis Respite, Specialized, 15 Minutes T1005-TG
Crisis Respite, Daily S9125
Homemaker, Assistance with Personal Cares, 15 Minutes S5130-TG
Individual Community Living Support, In Person, 15 Minutes H2015-U3
Night Supervision, 15 Minutes S5135-UA
Personal Care Services T1019 with any modifier
Respite Care Services, In Home, 15 Minutes S5150
Respite Care Services, In Home, Daily S5151

EVV Personal Care Service Codes Affected by Waiver Reimagine

DHS’ streamlining of waiver services into new service names and codes began Jan. 1, 2021. New waiver service names and codes will run concurrently with current service names and codes until the transition to new services is fully complete in about 18 months.

Current service name

Current HCPC

Waiver Reimagine service name

Waiver Reimagine HCPC

Waiver Reimagine HCPC (shared care)

In-Home Family Support, 15 Minutes S5125 Individualized Home Supports with family training S5125 UC (1:1) S5125 UC UN (1:2)
Independent Living Skills (ILS) Training, 15 Minutes H2032 TF; H2032 TF TT Individualized Home Supports with training H2014 U3 UC (1:1) H2014 U3 UC UN (1:1)
Individualized Home Supports, 15 Minutes H2014 U3 Individualized Home Supports with training H2014 U3 UC (1:1) H2014 U3 UC UN (1:1)
Individualized Home Supports, Daily H0043 U3 Individualized Home Supports with training H0043 U3 UC H2014 U3 UC UN (1:1)
Personal Support, 15 Minutes S5135 Individualized Home Supports without training S5135 UC (1:1) S5135 UC UN (1:2)
Personal Support/Adult Companion, 15 Minutes S5135 Individualized Home Supports without training S5135 UC (1:1) S5135 UC UN (1:2)


EVV Service Codes – Home Health

Service name


Direct Skilled Nursing, LPN, Home or Hospice, 15 Minutes G0300
Direct Skilled Nursing, RN, Home or Hospice, 15 Minutes G0299
Home Health Aide, Extended, 15 Minutes T1004
Home Health Aide, Per Visit T1021
Occupational Therapy Assistant, Per Visit S9129-TF
Occupational Therapy, Extended, Per Visit S9129-UC
Occupational Therapy, Per Visit S9129
Physical Therapy Assistant, Per Visit S9131-TF
Physical Therapy, Extended, Per Visit S9131-UC
Physical Therapy, Per Visit S9131
Respiratory Therapy, Extended, Per Visit S5181-UC
Respiratory Therapy, Per Visit S5181
Skilled Nurse Visit, LPN, Per Visit T1031
Skilled Nurse Visit, RN, Per Visit T1030
Speech Therapy, Per Visit S9128
Speech Therapy, Extended, Per Visit S9128-UC


Additional services might be subject to EVV. If MN DHS adds additional services that are subject to EVV, MN DHS will communicate these changes via eList and website updates.

Minnesota DHS Direct Contact Info: MN DHS Email: DHS.128@state.mn.us

HHAX has published a dedicated Minnesota support email address and phone number to better support Minnesota’s providers with EVV implementation.

Phone Number: 1-855-573-1521
Email: MNsupport@hhaexchange.com


Providers with an existing HHAeXchange portal please use the HHAeXchange Live Chat within your Support Center to receive assistance from a Live Agent. The live chat option is recommended for quicker response times.

Need Help? Contact Our Support Team