LINK is a leading industry solution for successful EVV deployment on smartphones and tablets.


LINK is the industry’s solution to successful EVV smartphone or tablet deployment to comply with the 21st Century Cures Act and Federal EVV Mandate. Failure to comply with the Federal EVV mandate will result in claim denials or reassignment of Medicaid recipients to compliant providers. The LINK device is the first ever EVV smartphone at never-before-seen pricing and will come pre-loaded with the HHAeXchange EVV application.

LINK is a single-purpose smartphone or tablet built specifically for electronically verifying visits. LINK replaces the caregiver’s personal phone for EVV visits, eliminating concerns of tracking and personal data overages.

The LINK platform features:

  • LINK is an enterprise smartphone or tablet that operates on the latest Android OS version with security powered by IBM MaaS360, which enables Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) and providers to easily manage their devices securely.
  • It’s inexpensive. LINK’s pricing model expedites implementation, so the industry gets paid faster. LINK’s data and voice plans are cost-effective and packaged in lower data increments specifically for EVV application use.

Reasons to use LINK:

  • LINK’s data plans are packaged in lower data increments specifically for EVV application use. LINK’s lease model also means you will get a brand-new device every 12 months.
  • LINK has also designed and implemented a low-cost voice plan for the benefit of telephony-based implementations.
  • LINK’s software with security powered by IBM MaaS360 is not only compliant with the 21st Century Cures Act and HIPAA, but it enables users to improve efficiencies within the provider networks and managed care organizations.

Our Company

Highlands Mobile was formed specifically to deliver a dedicated Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) device, LINK, to the health care marketplace. The Highlands Mobile leadership team has served as GPS industry topic experts to Payers and Providers in the structuring of their EVV solution for a range of mobile delivered services. Highlands Mobile is led by Mark Dillon who completed the first dedicated EVV mobile device implementation that remains the industry standard today. 


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