Scheduling and Referrals

Reduce Operational Costs with Industry-Leading Homecare Scheduling Software

Scheduling and referral management are some of the most time-consuming daily tasks for agencies. Several hours each week are often spent staffing cases. Save time and reduce your operational costs with HHAeXchange’s scheduling engine.

Powerful Homecare Scheduling at Your Fingertips

Simplify schedule management with the ability to create recurring shifts or one-off visits. Schedulers and coordinators can easily create and manage patient schedules based on authorizations, plans of care, and special patient needs, while validating each visit to eliminate complications at billing.

Built-In Alerting

HHAeXchange will alert you to potential shift overlaps, overtime pay, vacation conflicts, and caregiver non-compliance or missed trainings. Additionally, get real-time notifications if a caregiver is not present for a visit.

Optimize Caregiver-Patient Matching

Easily schedule caregivers and patients based on caregiver availability, location proximity, patient needs, and special requests. Automatically prioritize caregivers, avoid scheduler bias, and minimize overtime.

Simplify Referral and Caregiver Management

Add and manage referrals and automatically ensure caregivers are compliant and meet all training requirements with HHAeXchange’s intuitive Referral Management module.

Innovative Smart Map Functionality

Conveniently view caregivers and patients geographically with our industry-leading Smart Map technology. Smart Map enables better caregiver and patient matches with a geo-fencing tool that instantly locates the closest caregiver, and provides advanced filtering based on language, discipline, patient requests, and more. Additionally, you can broadcast cases to all caregivers or communicate securely with select caregivers via text, email, or phone.

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