FAQs for Cressey & Company’s Growth-Oriented Investment in HHAeXchange

We are very excited to share that Cressey & Company, (Cressey) a leading private investment firm focused exclusively on investing in and building leading healthcare businesses, has entered into an agreement to make a growth-oriented investment in HHAeXchange.

These FAQ’s outline information regarding HHAeXchange and Cressey & Company’s growth-oriented investment. Please select the FAQ tab to the right to learn more.

Info Session 

Upon completion of the Florida SMMC Visit Entry Options and MCO Billing Questionnaire, please refer to the links below to access videos and presentations from the Provider Info Sessions, held in Florida in October 2018.

These sessions provided a high-level introduction to the HHAeXchange System (including system demos), as well as MCO-program specific information.

Provider Information Sessions (English)

HHAeXchange Provider Information Session (60 min) VIDEO | SLIDES

MCO Provider Information Presentations:
– Humana Presentation (11 min)  VIDEO | SLIDES
– Staywell Presentation (12 min)  VIDEO | SLIDES
– Sunshine Presentation (13 min)  VIDEO | SLIDES

Provider Information Sessions (Spanish)

HHAeXchange Provider Information Session (45 min) VIDEO | SLIDES

MCO Provider Information Presentations:
– Humana Presentation (10 min)  VIDEO | SLIDES
– Staywell Presentation (12 min)  VIDEO | SLIDES
– Sunshine Presentation (13 min)  VIDEO | SLIDES


Thursday, January 3 @ 12 p.m. EST: Assigning User Roles and Member Teams in HHAeXchange

  • Description:  HHAeXchange has created standard roles for your agency users. This webinar will explain the available User Roles in the HHAeXchange System, and explain how to assign these roles to agency users, as well as how to create and assign Member Teams in HHAeXchange.


  • December 27: Assigning User Roles and Member Teams (20 min)  VIDEOSLIDES
  • December 26: Go-Live Tips for Florida (15 min)  VIDEOSLIDES
  • December 20: Rate Management (16 min)  VIDEO | SLIDES


Please click on this link to register and view a recording of the Florida Provider Homecare User System Training Webinar, originally delivered in November 2018.
Register Here
Download Presentation Only

Please click on the links below to view a video for specific segment of User Training for the HHAeXchange Portal.

To request new user access please complete the HHAX User Access Request form.

Importing Caregivers into HHAeXchange

To assist organizations with a large census of Caregivers, HHAeXchange has created a Caregiver Bulk Import tool to expedite the entry process. 

Please CLICK HERE to access the Caregiver Bulk Import Process Guide, which provides instructions for how to:

  • Access and Save the Caregiver Import Template
  • Prepare the Caregiver import File for your Agency
  • Send the file to HHAeXchange (EDISupport@hhaexchange.com) for File Processing


Thank you for your participation in working with HHAeXchange on the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) project for your agency. Below you will find information about the general requirements and steps to take to successfully integrate your Agency Management System with HHAeXchange.

HHAeXchange coordinates directly with the Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) to ensure members and, if desired, authorizations are passed directly into the HHAeXchange system. Once this data is in the HHAeXchange system, a unique member key is created which HHAeXchange will pass to your Agency Management System to ensure seamless processing of member information between the systems. HHAeXchange will also give you a unique Provider Agency ID to include in all files used in the EDI processes.

In order to integrate between your Agency Management System and the HHAeXchange, you will need to create the EDI files corresponding to the HHAeXchange specifications found in the following documentation (links below):

Today we announced that Cressey & Company has entered into an agreement to make a growth-oriented investment in HHAeXchange. Cressey & Company’s investment accelerates our commitment to growing the business and continuing our focus on creating innovative products and solutions to better serve our customers.

This partnership will only help strengthen the company and improve our long-term prospects. Cressey is fully supportive and aligned with our vision to continue building premier enterprise home care platforms serving both providers and payers. The team, including the executive staff will remain the same and the company will continue to operate to the business and growth plan. HHAeXchange employees and customers will not be impacted and will see no change in day-to-day operations or leadership.

As we continue to grow we are presented with new and expanding opportunities to support our clients that require investment in innovation, people or even acquisitions.  Our recent success has allowed us to pursue several options for investment capital. This strategic investment from private capital will allow us to leverage our growth to continue to grow both organically and through acquisitions.

Cressey & Company is a leading private investment firm focused exclusively on investing in and building leading healthcare businesses. Cressey focuses on accelerating growth and building quality and has been providing financial and strategic support to experienced management teams of growing healthcare companies for more than 30 years. With a strong track record in the post-acute healthcare technology, and a mission to improve America’s health and healthcare, Cressey & Company partners with management to create exceptional value and experiences for patients, business leaders, investors, and stakeholders.  

No, the financials of the deal will not be disclosed.

No, this is an investment in our growth and future of the company. The HHAeXchange team, including the executive staff, will remain in place. A big part of what Cressey & Company is investing in is our people, represented by our talented workforce and the innovative technology that we bring to market.

Again, there will not be any changes in our day-to-day business. We will continue to operate with the same business plan, and deliver innovative products and solutions to provide simpler, better outcomes for home care members. Our customers and partners will continue to work with the same familiar team members they’ve come to  know and trust.

The transaction closed on December 21st and was subject to customary regulatory approvals and the approval of HHA shareholders.

Customer Inquiries: Please email info@hhaexchange.com

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