Choice, Control, and Flexibility in Long-Term Services and Supports


Keeping Participants in the Driver’s Seat

Self-directed services, also known as consumer-directed services and participant-directed services, are built on the belief that individuals should be able to choose who they receive care from and when and where they receive it. Participants in self-direction programs regularly hire the workers of their choice and make decisions about how to use individually budgeted funds for long-term care services and supports.

Better Together: HHAeXchange & Annkissam

HHAeXchange’s acquisition of Annkissam—a leading provider of enterprise software for self-direction—has enabled us to deliver the most complete, end-to-end homecare management solution to Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) providers, fiscal intermediaries, Fiscal/Employer Agents and Agencies with Choice with advanced business, operational, and financial management offerings. Led by co-founder Mollie Murphy, a nationally recognized expert in Financial Management Services (FMS) in self-direction, Annkissam has been providing robust software for HCBS organizations since 2007.

A Leader in Self-Direction

From the start, Annkissam has worked closely with some of the country’s largest FMS providers, rolling out cutting-edge software to support their complex operational needs. Today, Annkissam’s software supports over 75 self-direction programs of all sizes and models, across 38 states and counting.

As the demand for consumer-directed services grows, thrives, and evolves, Annkissam’s leadership, product managers, and implementation teams are continually listening and learning so they can help providers support the increasing number of people who wish to self-direct. Annkissam knows the ins and outs of the policies and stays on top of changing state and federal regulations so they can ensure all clients meet compliance requirements.

Support, Guide, and Simplify Self-Direction

Annkissam’s self-direction software is offered in modules, so you can pick and choose the ones that are right for you:

 ●   Stay connected with a cloud-based HIPAA secure system that’s accessible from anywhere

 ●   Manage participant enrollment with workflows that track progress and key stops

 ●   Create and approve participant budgets viewable in real time

 ●   Coordinate timesheets and invoice processing 


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