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Grow Your Business and Improve Outcomes

HHAeXchange’s comprehensive homecare provider platform offers an enterprise solution for all of your agency’s needs, from referral and intake management to scheduling, billing, and compliance. Our easy-to-use system is designed specifically for Medicaid Managed Care, Commercial LTC, Consumer Directed, and Private Pay services. We are the industry leader in connecting providers and payers for successful communications, collecting confirmed visits, creating claims, and providing workflow efficiency tools to help providers optimize their operations and grow their business. 

Enable Faster Scheduling and Billing 

With our homecare provider software platform, agencies can track lead sources wherever they come in from. We also provide robust scheduling capabilities to create and manage patient schedules based on authorizations and patient-specific needs, while validating each visit in real-time with multiple EVV methods. When it comes time for billing, our integrated eBilling and eRemittance make the process fast, accurate, and user-friendly, so agencies pay their caregivers on-time.

Track Patient Trends and Reduce Readmissions 

Lastly, we know quality metrics are the key to improving patient outcomes and growing your bottom line. The HHAeXchange platform arms providers with actionable insights based on their own operational and financial data. Paired with our value based care solution, which prompts caregivers with patient-specific questions during visits, you’ll have all the data you need to track patient trends, reduce readmissions, and provide the highest quality of care.

Self-Direction? We’ve Got You Covered.

With the growth of self-direction programs accelerating due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an aging population, and the scarcity of caregivers, the need for the right technology to accommodate patient-directed care has never been more important. HHAeXchange’s acquisition of Annkissam—a leading provider of enterprise software for self-direction—has enabled us to deliver the most complete, end-to-end homecare management solution to HCBS providers and fiscal intermediaries with advanced business, operational, and financial management offerings.


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