Homecare Payer Management Platform

Improve Control and Visibility into Your Operations

Our payer management platform gives state governments and MCOs a unified, real-time approach to payer management.

Proactively manage your network with a platform designed for change. HHAeXchange’s payer platform helps state governments and MCOs bridge the gaps and break down silos with real-time workflow efficiencies and full visibility into your provider network and individual members. As the homecare industry continues to grow and more patients choose homecare services over traditional hospital or hospice care, payers are rapidly changing their operations to accommodate this growth. HHAeXchange has helped numerous states and MCOs manage billions of dollars in Medicaid claims while achieving a new level of oversight, visibility, and control that hasn’t previously existed in the marketplace.

A Trusted Industry Partner

HHAeXchange is an industry leader and our payer management platform exceeds the requirements of the 21st Century CURES Act. Several national Medicaid Managed Care Plans have all chosen HHAeXchange and our open model EVV approach. Through our national contracted partnerships, we work with individual state plans for the provision of EVV and complementary SaaS system functionality to connect homecare payers, providers, and patients.

One Unified, Open Model Approach

Under HHAeXchange’s open model approach, providers who already utilize a compliant EVV solution can continue to use their chosen solution. HHAeXchange coordinates directly with those providers to collect or “ingest” compliant EVV information directly into the HHAeXchange platform on behalf of the payer.

A Payer Management Platform that Enables True Collaboration Across Your Network



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