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Process Payroll Faster and Take Billing from Days to an Hour

With HHAeXchange, providers and payers are directly connected for real-time communications

Between collecting paper timecards, ensuring claims are compliant, and processing payroll and invoices, providers often spend several hours, and sometimes days, on time-consuming manual billing and payroll processes. HHAeXchange streamlines the homecare billing and payroll processes, making it fast, accurate, and easy-to-use for your office staff. Using our platform, payers and providers are directly connected for real-time communications. Payers can securely and electronically send a participant’s information to providers so providers can quickly schedule the right caregiver for the participant.

As the caregiver completes a check in and check out, that data shows up in the HHAeXchange platform in real-time, allowing schedulers and coordinators to manage any missed or late visits. Then, through HHAeXchange’s workflow by exception process, the provider can send claims through a pre-bill scrubbing process to ensure compliant claims. Those claims are sent directly to the payer via the submission of an electronic 837 file, with the provider receiving an electronic 835 file in return.

Achieve Compliance Every Time with the Pre-Billing Claims Engine

HHAeXchange’s pre-billing module is a real-time, rules-based engine that ensures providers submit 100% compliant, clean claims. The module prevents providers from submitting claims that do not pass all of the pre-bill edits. As a result, caregivers and patients can also gain insight into the non-compliant status of a service visit.


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