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State of the Industry: Managing Homecare in a New Business Climate

January 3, 2018| Media Coverage
HomeCare Magazine:

Featuring Scott Schwartz

Kaleidoscope pieces in motion

“We’re in the throes of transition, and the kaleidoscope pieces are in motion,” says Laura Adams.

Adams specializes in using information technology in large-scale collaborative settings, for improving the quality, safety and value of health care. She leads the Rhode Island Quality Institute and adds to her kaleidoscope comparison: “History will look upon this era in health care as one of enormous challenge, but also one of stunning progress at exponential speed.”

Asked about how different parts of the system play into new payment models, Adams says, “How can homecare lead? Health care is understanding more.”

From the back office to the front of the house and face to face with patients—homecare is a tall order. The industry builds its agenda from the data: aging-in-place baby boomers and people managing disabilities from birth through life; post-acute care wellness, safety and prevention goals; regulation and compliance requirements; and the impact of a growing managed-care culture.

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6 Homecare Industry Perspectives on Referrals

November 8, 2017| Homecare, Media Coverage, Provider
HomeCare Magazine:

Featuring Scott Schwartz

Ideas you could be leaving on the table

Building a strong referral network takes time. It takes nurturing through good work and a formal, measurable track record.

All referral networks are not created equal, and there’s no doubt that you are getting more results from some referral sources than others. You may be losing out on potential referral sources who know nothing about your agency, or you could be spending too much time reaching out to a family physician who takes a lot of your attention, but only sends a handful of patients your way each year.

To really understand which referral sources yield the best results, it is important to track referrals, their source and volume over time. In our November 2017 print edition, we asked for industry perspectives on various aspects of referrals. Here’s what we got…

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Four focus areas for growing home care agencies

September 29, 2017| EVV Bill, HR Bill 2446, Homecare, Media Coverage
The Home Care Daily:

By Tom Meyer

It’s hard for home care agencies to grow. With much of their time focused on billing, schedule management, compliance and other day-to-day activities, there isn’t a lot of time to look at growth opportunities. With the federal government rolling out new mandates related to EVV and Medicaid standards of care, even more focus from home care agencies is going into these areas. For many businesses, preparing for growth is a challenge, and thinking strategically about how to expand the business takes a back seat to day-to-day operations. Home care providers can make growth a top priority by improving and streamlining in four key areas:

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In the face of Medicaid cuts, measurement matters

September 1, 2017| Homecare, Media Coverage, Provider
HomeCare Magazine:

By Tom Meyer

Since the 1980s, there’s been talk in Washington about trimming Medicaid, and the latest attempts to pass a comprehensive health care bill have included significant cuts in the rate of Medicaid spending.

According to Forbes, more than half of all Medicaid long-term care funding is used to support in-home care services. The net-takeaway? If Medicaid cuts do make it to the president’s desk, there could be a significant impact on homecare reimbursements.

Luckily, homecare agencies can begin preparing for potential cuts now. By adjusting their operations to focus on data and measurement, homecare agencies will be better equipped to take two crucial steps: Focus on value-based care and increase referrals.

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Is a lack of interoperability holding back the homecare system?

April 11, 2017| Homecare, Media Coverage
HomeCare Magazine:
by Greg Strobel

The health care technology industry is innovative; intelligent tools are coming to market all the time. Even the homecare industry, which has been slower to implement new technologies than other areas of health care, has introduced many new technologies during the past several years that already or have the potential to improve how care is delivered into the home. Innovations such as electronic visit verification (EVV), customer relationship management (CRM) and even wearables—though not specifically developed for the homecare space—are in the very early stages of in-home data collection.

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Will the proposed Medicaid cuts affect N.Y.’s 365K in-home patients?

March 23, 2017| Homecare, Media Coverage
NY Business Journal:

These days, health care is being scrutinized more than ever before. Combating widespread fraud and waste within the system is a daunting task.

Here in New York, health care expert Tom Meyer is stepping up.

The former New York Medicaid Inspector General has 30-plus years of experience in two intertwined sectors, technology and health care. Now he’s the chief program integrity officer at HHAeXchange (HHAX), a New York City tech company that connects patients with home care providers.

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Wearable Technology May Improve Home Care for Seniors, According to Some

March 16, 2017| Media Coverage, Survey
Home Care Daily:

The in home care industry has been a driving force when it comes to jobs across the country. Currently, this industry is the number one job creator, though pay rates and salaries are often troublesome for those advocating improved working conditions. It also makes it more challenging to attract quality care providers. Technology is viewed as a bridge that can help to not just lower the cost of care for seniors and disabled adults in need, but also improve quality of care…

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Survey: Half of aging in place seniors believe wearables will improve home care

March 2, 2017| Media Coverage, Survey

Many current users of senior home care (either seniors receiving home care or loved ones arranging it) see technology, including wearables and mobile devices, as possible cures for the industry’s biggest challenges.

In a survey of 250 home care users, conducted by home care startup HHAeXchange, respondents were mostly happy with their home care, giving it an average score of 7.7 out of 10. But they were also concerned about two major things: fraud and abuse, which 30 percent cited as a concern, and lack of support in an emergency, which concerned 48 percent of respondents…

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I've been managing and submitting my claims via HHA eXchange and I have one word....fantastic! My billing time has been cut drastically. I better control my visits and employees, but work less at it. It is so much easier to stay in compliance with HHA eXchange… thanks Homecare Software Solutions!

Berey Weiss, Greater NY Homecare

Our experiences using the HHA eXchange program have been very positive. Their compliance toolset is excellent, and really gives us confidence that we are billing as near error-free as possible. It has greatly decreased unnecessary workload. It all just flows and is extremely user-friendly. My staff is extremely happy with it.

Susan Katz, Summit Home Health Care