Electronic Visit Verification Software

Prepare for the 21st Century Cures Act with our industry-leading EVV and network insights platform.

HHAeXchange provides managed care organizations (MCOs) and state agencies with best-in-class EVV and a web-based platform that connects payers and providers for real-time communication, billing, and workflow efficiencies. We act as the single source of truth, giving payers the transparency and visibility they need into the day-to-day performance of their networks.

Industry-Leading EVV Capabilities

With HHAeXchange, states can ensure members are receiving the care they need with a real-time view of EVV and value-based care data from their provider networks. The HHAeXchange platform features the most advanced EVV capabilities in the market, including case broadcasting, which allows a payer to broadcast open or difficult-to-place cases to their entire provider network and staff those cases in minutes.

Total Compliance

HHAeXchange’s intuitive and easy-to-use platform automatically checks for caregiver and visit compliance and provides advanced business analytics to monitor EVV compliance. Payers can easily monitor the activity and compliance aspects of their network by claim, care plan, participant, caregiver, or system-wide, with drill-down capabilities for a complete and accurate view.

More than EVV

HHAeXchange provides the technology infrastructure to collect real-time patient data in the home that can be used to monitor change of condition and track provider quality metrics. Using our innovative Value-Based Care tool, caregivers are prompted at clock-in or clock-out with patient-specific questions and observations that are reported back to the agency.

Your Trusted Partner

More than 30 of the nation’s most advanced payers have partnered with HHAeXchange to deploy a full integrated, cloud-based network management and EVV solution. Understanding that every state Medicaid program and MCO is unique, HHAeXchange works with each individual payer to meet their specific business needs, and offers best practices to ensure a seamless EVV implementation for their provider networks.

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