DailyPay is the leading on-demand pay benefit that provides your employees the flexibility to receive instant access to their earned pay, enabling them to pay bills on time and build savings for unexpected expenses – all before a scheduled payday.


The DailyPay platform features:

DailyPay’s on-demand pay platform goes beyond instant access to earnings to provide a frictionless, digital pay experience that strengthens the employee-employer bond.


  • PAY: Eliminates the uncertainty associated with a paycheck and gives employees 100% access to earned income when they need it, and the ability to plan – before payday arrives. Non-cash  tips & gratuities can also be made instantly available.
  • SAVE: Encourages employees to save by offering three free ways to set aside their earnings before payday, and start building a savings safety net.


  • CYCLE:  Allows employers to manage off-cycle payroll payments to a single employee or multiple employees at the same time – instantly and digitally.
  • REWARD: Enables employers to send spot bonus award payments and company-paid incentives to their employees. Recognize a job well done, or offer an incentive to cover undesirable shifts.

Reasons to consider DailyPay:

With the most compliant solution for employee access to their earned income, DailyPay checks every box.

  • Highest Security Standards: Security and compliance are vital for real-time payment systems. Our system does not require employees to share any banking credentials. We perform rigorous annual audits and monthly testing.
  • Industry Leader in Compliance: DailyPay is the industry leader in compliance. We’re the only earned wage access platform that protects you from wage deduction, tax and consumer finance risk.
  • Seamless Integration: DailyPay works with your existing payroll and time management systems. No changing your payroll workflows. No additional work for your payroll teams.

DailyPay is a win-win for employers and their employees:

  • Employees save an average of $1,205 annually in overdraft fees, late fees and payday loan interest as a result of using DailyPay
  • 74% of users say that DailyPay has helped reduce their financial stress
  • Companies experience a 45% reduction in employee turnover on average
  • Companies offering DailyPay are able to fill open positions 52% faster, with nearly double the amount of applicants

Our Company:

DailyPay is the leading on-demand pay platform that easily integrates with large companies’ payroll and time management systems to allow employees to harness the power of their pay. By giving the employee instant access to their earnings, DailyPay replaces the need for expensive payday loans and overdraft fees, enables them to overcome the vicious cycle of paying bills late and provides their first step toward financial security.

DailyPay is available at no cost to the employer and doesn’t require any changes to their current payroll process, including timing of funds.


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