Integrated EVV is the center of successful agency management

October 2, 2017| Blog, EVV Bill, HR Bill 2446

We’re all familiar with electronic visit verification (EVV), but are most people losing sight of its importance as the center of successful agency management? Sure, it’s an effective monitoring tool for tracking arrivals and departures, but top home care agencies are also using EVV as the engine to drive successful agency management. When EVV drives value throughout the whole platform including billing, auditing, payroll and aide management, agencies run more smoothly.

As anybody in the home care industry knows, traditional EVV tracks visit arrival and departure times, requires comments detailing the type of care provided during a visit and notes when a visit hasn’t been completed. Altogether, it serves as a monitoring tool that simplifies billing for providers and lets payers know when the care being paid for is the same as that being delivered. That said, agencies can leverage integrated EVV platforms to more efficiently track and verify that a patient is receiving proper care and that caregivers are adhering to a member’s plan-of-care. Read More

Four focus areas for growing home care agencies

September 29, 2017| EVV Bill, HR Bill 2446, Homecare, Media Coverage
The Home Care Daily:

By Tom Meyer

It’s hard for home care agencies to grow. With much of their time focused on billing, schedule management, compliance and other day-to-day activities, there isn’t a lot of time to look at growth opportunities. With the federal government rolling out new mandates related to EVV and Medicaid standards of care, even more focus from home care agencies is going into these areas. For many businesses, preparing for growth is a challenge, and thinking strategically about how to expand the business takes a back seat to day-to-day operations. Home care providers can make growth a top priority by improving and streamlining in four key areas:

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Successful home care agencies need tools that drive streamlined growth

June 9, 2017| Blog, EVV Bill, HR Bill 2446, Health Care, Homecare, Technology

When home care agencies begin to grow and expand, many variables – from confusing technology compliance updates to sky-high administrative expenses – often hinder even the best intentions. But getting lost in the details – such as to how best schedule your caregivers based on a client’s specific gender or language preferences – only holds you back from growing intelligently.

Home care agencies are becoming an important facet of society, especially as baby boomers, now a sizable 13 percent of the U.S. population, are already requiring high quality, independent, patient-centered home care, and that demand will grow in coming years. If you are a home care agency ready to grow in size to keep up with future demand, a workflow by exception software platform that dramatically increases your agency’s efficiency and scale is critical.

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Upcoming webinar: Are you 21st Century CURES Act compliant?

April 25, 2017| Blog, EVV Bill, HR Bill 2446, Payer

The 21st Century CURES Act enforces the use of electronic visit verification (EVV) to combat fraud, waste and abuse in home care, but that’s not all. The benefits can go well beyond simply tracking arrivals and departures and include financial, operational and clinical benefits organizations may want to consider.

There are only a few seats left for our webinar on Thursday titled “EVV is Mandatory: A Roadmap for Optimizing your Strategies.” During this free webinar, you’ll get a detailed look at everything Medicaid payers and State Medicaid organizations need to know about the mandate and how to optimize the active management of home care. The discussion will include:

  • An overview of the CURES Act, including the funding match from the federal government
  • The strategic position of EVV and what it enables
  • Specific concepts for optimizing EVV implementations
  • A pros and cons discussion of different models that have been pursued
  • HHAeXchange’s recommended Golden Rules for EVV strategy
  • What you can do to influence model adoption

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Making Sense of New CURES Act Regulations for Home Health

January 3, 2017| EVV Bill, HR Bill 2446, Media Coverage
Home Health Care News:

Before the end of his second term as President of the United States, Barack Obama signed the 21st Century CURES Act into law, bringing forth a wealth of new regulations that will impact the home health industry.

While the law made headlines for its wide support on Capitol Hill and focus on tackling the most deadly diseases through research funding, it also contained a few key provisions that will require home health care providers to update or invest in new technology.

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CURES Act’s EVV Mandate for Home Care is the First Step

December 16, 2016| Blog, Compliance, EVV Bill, HR Bill 2446, Homecare, Payer

In an industry where issues of mistrust and system abuse often rule the headlines, family and friends want reassurance that their loved ones are being provided with proper care. Government programs, like Medicaid, need accountability for the money they pay out, and proof positive that members are receiving proper care and caregivers are being held accountable. Electronic visit verification (EVV) alone doesn’t solve all problems, but implementing an EVV system is the first step to combatting fraud and abuse to ensure program integrity.

Signed into law this week by President Obama, the 21st Century CURES Act mandates, among other actions, that EVV be used for in-home visits for home care and personal care visits.

While EVV is an effective monitoring tool for tracking arrivals and departures – thereby reducing false claims of time spent with a member – it only goes so far. Capturing and tracking data from an EVV solution won’t help Medicaid payers reduce readmissions unless they actively manage the process and consider a collaborative and transparent home care platform.

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The EVV Bill, helping to reduce FWA

September 23, 2016| EVV Bill, HR Bill 2446, Payer, Uncategorized

The EVV Bill proposed to reduce FWA while improving patient care

The Office of the Inspector General of Health & Human Services has identified that personal care services provided in Medicaid are at high risk for fraud, waste and abuse.  By using an electronic visit verification (EVV) solution, State Medicaid Agencies, Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) and homecare providers can reduce the level of fraud and improper payments, while ensuring that some of the most vulnerable Medicaid beneficiaries receive the care they need.  Read More

Status of House of Representatives Bill 2446

September 6, 2016| Blog, EVV Bill, HR Bill 2446, Payer

HR Bill 2446 was rolled into section 207 of HR 2646 and passed the House by a vote of 422-2 on July 6, 2016.

  • There were some Medicaid provisions in the Mental Health bill and therefore, to incorporate the following items
    • EVV vendor neutrality clauses were added
    • The scope was expanded from PCA services only to include home health services as well

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The 3 Ws of HR Bill 2446: What Medicaid Payers Need to Know

March 29, 2016| Blog, EVV Bill, HR Bill 2446, Payer

The U.S. House of Representatives has introduced bill H.R.2446 to require the use of electronic visit verification for personal care services furnished under the Medicaid program.


If passed, any State Medicaid Program that does not meet the requirements and is unable to verify the date of service, site of service, provider of service, and duration of service will be penalized.


Penalties for non-compliance are proposed to begin January 1, 2018.

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