How Medicaid Payers can achieve greater visibility with consumer directed services

July 24, 2017| Blog, CDS, Homecare, Payer

In the United States, Consumer Directed Services (CDS) continues to grow as states prepare to address a looming shortage of home care workers. A recently proposed bill calls for reimbursement increases for personal support (11 percent) and self-directed services, as well as an increase for some home aide and registered nurse services (14 percent). In other countries, CDS is even becoming more prevalent. For example, Australia recently rolled out a Consumer Directed Care program that provides members more control over the types of care and services they access and the delivery of those services, including who delivers the services and when. Read More

Q&A: The Ins and Outs of Payroll and Consumer Directed Service

February 27, 2017| Blog, CDS, Provider, Technology

Joel Krausz of ADS is a payroll and back office automation expert. ADS has established itself as the source for all-inclusive management solutions.

What are the biggest problems home care and home health agencies have from an automation perspective? What about broader problems in automating back end functions?

JK: The problem that most home care and home health agencies have is that they don’t step back and look at the amount of manual work that goes into each pay period. These agencies lack a software system that is backed by years of design, and can handle everything in the cloud. The best organizations are able to handle an entire practice including credentialing, authorizations, HR, telephony, billing, accounting and payroll in an automated and efficient system.

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Two Roadblocks in the Era of Consumer Directed Service

January 12, 2017| Blog, CDS

Consumer Directed Service (CDS) is not new to the home care industry, yet it’s becoming a focal point in 2017. Home care members are continuing to leverage family members as primary home care providers, and, as a result, are facing payroll and visibility issues.

An upcoming HHAX survey highlights the continued role of CDS, as more than 60 percent of respondents indicated they have used a family member as a primary home care giver.

While leveraging family can be a necessary and useful way to receive convenient in home care, particularly for members in rural areas, it also results in a couple of significant issues for payers and providers.

Check Your Costs

Administratively, many home care providers are wasting significant money on payroll for hundreds of family caregivers. With costs as high as 30 dollars or more for CDS payroll checks every period, home care providers are spending significant money that could be saved. Read More

Is Your CDS Program Working for You?

July 21, 2016| Blog, CDS, Missouri, Provider
Managing your consumer-directed services (CDS) program can be easy.

HHAeXchange’s (HHAX) comprehensive and fully integrated solutions that will not only save money, but ensure you keep the money you are paid.

Experience the ease of simplified payroll and EMOMED billing. With HHAX solutions you’re always in full compliance with the state. Read More