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All-In-One Caregiver Management Software

The tools you need to deliver quality patient-care in the home.

HHAeXchange has a variety of different tools that empower caregivers to deliver better patient-care in the home, including caregiver scheduling software and caregiver mobile scheduling. We also give agencies the tools they need to properly oversee caregivers and ensure visits and patient services are performed.

Easy to Use EVV Methods

Our caregiver software provides four main EVV methods that are all user friendly and easy to configure for agencies. Caregivers can clock-in and clock-out and enter plan of care duties using our multilingual mobile app or telephony with multilingual support. HHAeXchange also has a fixed object device (FOB) and Bluetooth Beacon for two additional EVV methods that help eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse.

Key Benefits of Our Caregiver Software

With HHAeXchange’s EVV, clock-ins and clock-outs can be recorded faster, resulting in quicker payments for caregivers. Providers can ensure visits were made and plan-of-care tasks were completed with our Clock-In/Clock-Out Dashboard, Exception Dashboard, and Audit Log. Agencies can also manage hours and cost-effectively schedule caregivers with our Overtime Auditor.

Additionally, providers can track and manage caregiver requirements, such as in-service training, certifications, criminal background checks, continuing education, medicals, and evaluations.

Empower Caregivers with the HHAeXchange Mobile App

Give caregivers the tools they need to deliver quality care with HHAeXchange’s Mobile App. Easy-to-use and multilingual, the mobile app gives caregivers the ability to clock in and out, view their schedules and plan of care information, and communicate with their associated office or agency. Agencies can also opt to include patient clinical or medical information to share with caregivers.

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