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4 Key Lessons in Starting a Homecare Agency


Starting a new business is a challenge in any industry – but as those of us in homecare know, opening a new agency is among the toughest. Here are a few things to consider when you’re opening or expanding a homecare agency.

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The latest headlines in homecare


Homecare agency owners often wear many hats. Between running a business, leading the marketing strategy, and closing new business, most agency owners don’t have the time to stay up to date on trending industry news.

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How to grow your member base


Home care agencies have become a critical component of the overall healthcare system, providing individuals with the care they need, all while saving the system the expense of high-cost alternatives like hospitalizations or long-term care options.

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Home Health Care Agency Checkup


Want to know how you can protect your agency’s reputation, save time on administrative tasks, and keep employees happy on pay day? Check out our top tips.

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The Homecare Agency Growth Roadmap


Home care is one of the fastest growing industries today, with the demand for home health aides expected to increase a whopping 41 percent through 2026! Learn how you can prepare your agency for the future in HHAeXchange’s Home Care Agency Growth Roadmap.

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Home Care and the 13-Hour Rule: What it Means for Your Agency

YoninaF. Shineweather|

For years, home care agencies in New York have followed the 13-hour rule for overnight shifts. However, in 2017, three separate cases threw a monkey wrench into standard agency practices. Learn how New York agencies should approach overnight shifts moving forward.

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