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7 Ways to Keep Your Agency Ahead of the Competition, Now and Post-Pandemic


You can’t plan for a pandemic, but you can stay ahead of the trends by catching them at their first breath. Use these tools to ensure success for your agency in 2022 and beyond.

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The Top 6 Self-Direction Myths – Debunked


With the increasing popularity of self-direction has also come several misconceptions. In this article, we’ll set the record straight on some of the top myths surrounding self-direction.

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The Data Points Every Agency Should be Tracking


If you want to grow your homecare agency, gathering the right data is critical. Read on for tips on the data points worth capturing – and what to do with that data.

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Extraordinary Women in Homecare: Yelena Schmidt, Friends & Family Home Care


Yelena Schmidt, President & CEO of Friends & Family Home Care, reveals the best career decision she ever made, how she stays mentally tough, and why she doesn’t believe in climbing the corporate ladder.

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Evaluating Your EVV Vendor: 6 Key Considerations


With EVV implementation for personal care services well underway, and the Cures Act deadline for home health care services fast approaching, many states are taking a step back and wondering: is our EVV solution working for us, or against us? Could it be doing more?

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Learning the Ins and Outs of Self-Direction: The Best Free Online Resources


The most helpful self-direction resources on the web, including ready-to-use reports, historical background, and ways to connect with leaders and advocates.

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