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The Data Points Every Agency Should be Tracking


If you want to grow your homecare agency, gathering the right data is critical. Read on for tips on the data points worth capturing – and what to do with that data.

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Recruiting & Retaining Caregivers in 2021


Recruiting and retaining caregivers has long been among the top challenges facing homecare providers. We’ve outlined some trusted tips to help agencies get star caregivers on board as we enter the “new normal” that is the post-pandemic world.

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Q&A: EVV in 2021 – What’s Working, What’s Not, and What’s Ahead


Since the passage of the Cures Act in 2016, the entire healthcare industry has been gearing up to comply with the EVV mandate. However, for most states, full EVV compliance has just begun. Three industry veterans discuss the status of EVV in 2021 and how payers and providers can shift from an implementation mindset to one of continuous improvement.

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How to Cut Costs & Improve Outcomes by Addressing Social Determinants of Health


By considering how each social determinant of health (SDOH) affects a member’s daily life, health outcomes, and managed care costs, we can determine ways to address SDOH and reduce costs on both an individual and a collective basis.

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7 Ways to Keep Your Agency Ahead of the Competition, Now and Post-Pandemic


You can’t plan for a pandemic, but you can stay ahead of the trends by catching them at their first breath. Use these tools to ensure success for your agency in 2022 and beyond.

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Demystifying Disability Part 3 of 3: What Society Needs to Know about People with Disabilities


In this final article in the series, Ellen and Emily Ladau provide clarity on common misconceptions about disabilities, and note some of the greatest contributions people with disabilities can bring to society. 

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