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How the CARES Act is Impacting Home Health Providers


While the CARES Act focuses on the extraordinary needs arising out of COVID-19, it will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the home health industry. Many of its provisions can pave the way for positive changes in patient care and operational efficiency.

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Why EVV Implementation is Delayed Across the U.S.


With 49 states and DC receiving approvals for GFE exemptions, there was clearly a universal need for additional time to implement EVV. HHAeXchange examines the main reasons behind states’ delays to EVV implementation in this blog post.

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A Homecare Provider’s Guide to Navigating COVID-19


All homecare providers can do their part to protect their staff and patients and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Get the facts on the virus and see how you can prepare your caregivers to handle this pandemic safely and effectively.

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Extraordinary Women in Homecare: Raizy Weiss, Preferred Home Care of New York


Raizy Weiss, COO of Preferred Home Care of New York, shares how she was able to grow her business, what keeps her focused, and why she wants women to speak up.

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Exceptional Home Health Care Starts with a Focus on Quality Training


A homecare system is only as effective as its people, and it starts with a well-trained homecare workforce. Learn why more homecare agencies are now choosing online training over traditional methods.

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What’s the Future of Telehealth for the Home Health Industry?


As the healthcare industry grapples with how to provide high-quality services that protect both the patient and the provider, telehealth has emerged as a viable solution. Learn more about the historical roadblocks to telehealth, how the pandemic has altered the legislative landscape, and what you can do as a home health provider to stay ahead of the changes.

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