Don’t let billing back up your business

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  • August 11, 2017

How many hours a day does your agency spend sorting through billing and payroll processes? Every insurance company, state waiver program and community initiative has its own unique and often complex set of billing rules, which means agencies must devote hours to ensuring rule compliance and accurate billing, or they may never get paid.  Don’t spend hours on claims that might get denied, wasting time that could be better spent elsewhere – namely, taking care of your members and growing your agency. Traditional billing processes don’t cut it anymore, as tedious, manual methods limit visibility and make it more difficult to ensure accuracy.

These methods also make it harder for agencies to grow. Scaling up a business to add more patients is a difficult task, especially if each new patient requires more hours spent on billing. Automating this process is a gamechanger that allows home care agencies to focus on growth, patient care and other core aspects of the business.Agencies need a system that reduces the time and effort required for reviewing claims and preparing them for submission. At the same time, agencies must still confirm absolute consistency with all payer and program rules prior to submission in order to guarantee claims are processed and submitted precisely according to each payer’s rules. Instead of spending time processing invoices and payroll through manual processes, agencies that use automated systems can improve accuracy with invoices and claims, which results in fewer inquiries and denials. With better visibility and accuracy, agencies can eliminate double-data entry and shorten the reimbursement cycle, saving time and effort in the long run.

With an automated one-step invoicing system like the HHAX Agency Management solution, agencies can:

  • Manage overtime seamlessly according to local and state rule
  • Better coordinate payments and manage split billing
  • Guarantee receipt of electronic remittances
  • Customize invoice templates based on payer
  • Accurately calculate payroll hours by caregiver
  • Improve communication with accounting packages and payroll companies

Automated systems save agencies time processing thousands of invoices in minutes, seamlessly transmitting payroll data and eliminating any potential for double-data entry.

HHAX’s Agency Management solution ensures you get paid for the work your agency delivers, and minimizes the opportunity for issues to arise when interfacing with payer organizations. When you automate manual processes, you save more time for doing what matters – ensuring your members receive the care they need.

Make billing the least of your concerns with HHAX’s Agency Management solution, which improves cash flow, eliminates rejected claims, and saves time for increased revenue.