6 Homecare Industry Perspectives on Referrals

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  • November 8, 2017
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Featuring Scott Schwartz

Ideas you could be leaving on the table

Building a strong referral network takes time. It takes nurturing through good work and a formal, measurable track record.

All referral networks are not created equal, and there’s no doubt that you are getting more results from some referral sources than others. You may be losing out on potential referral sources who know nothing about your agency, or you could be spending too much time reaching out to a family physician who takes a lot of your attention, but only sends a handful of patients your way each year.

To really understand which referral sources yield the best results, it is important to track referrals, their source and volume over time. In our November 2017 print edition, we asked for industry perspectives on various aspects of referrals. Here’s what we got…

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