3 ways to keep your best aides engaged

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  • April 3, 2018
HomeCare Magazine:

Featuring Greg Strobel

In 2016, more than 1.4 million people were employed as homecare aides. Meanwhile, nearly 5 million patients received homecare services last year, with that number expected to increase.

As the population continues to age and more people choose homecare over traditional inpatient options, the gap between the number of homecare aides and patients continues to widen.

Many agency owners are starting to feel the heat as the industry booms. Homecare aides represent one of the fastest-growing jobs in America, and yet the turnover rate hovers between 40 and 60 percent each year.

The high homecare aide turnover rate, along with an overall shortage of aides in the U.S., leaves agency owners with a problem. A trusting and dependable client/aide relationship is vital to an agency’s success, especially because it is common for patients to follow a favorite aide across agencies.

When you find high-quality aides, it is important to retain them long-term in order to build reliable and steady relationships with patients. There are three ways that homecare agencies can get ahead of the turnover statistic and keep their best aides engaged:

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